The purpose of this site is that the person of the foreign countries has an interest in Japan deeply and comes to want to visit Japan. In this site, we tell about interesting Japan 's introduction by the various fields and international exchange meeting by Japan.

With the clerk of the Republic of Malawi



①It implements an international exchange meeting through each country embassy to be in Japan.

②It is doing the detailed area introduction to attract an overseas excursionist in a Japanese district.


1st time

It is Nara.

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Staff recruitment


It is recruiting an overseas college student and person who want to do getting a job and internship to a Japanese company.

The registration is requested from a following site.

We tell more immediately than a staff with the e-mail.

The right or wrong of an internship acceptance is decided by Skype  interviewing with a corporation.


Association that help youngster who want to play an active part internationally. (AHY)

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